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Last winter, an ice storm took the city of Dallas by surprise, and power lines went down throughout the city. In Gary Gene Olp's neighborhood, power lines were down for nearly a week. All of his neighbors had to vacate their frigid homes, but Olp's family stayed put. The Olp family wa.. read more ›

If you drive past Gary Gene Olp’s home, you may be struck by its contemporary design. But what makes his house truly different is not readily visible. Unlike most of the homes in Dallas, Mr. Olp’s house not only saves him money, it helps save the environment. “To be more specif.. read more ›

The first wave of Baby Boomers turned 65 last year, which will have a significant impact on real estate and the nation's housing market. Not only should home sales increase, but hammers and nails will be flying as homes change hands from older to younger owners, while the home remodeling industr.. read more ›

As the newly appointed chairman of the North Texas chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council, Gary Gene Olp, founder of eco-minded GGO Architects, is on of Dallas' biggest environmental advocates. And he practices what he preaches: He built his own home using energy efficient technologies, buys.. read more ›