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About GGO

Who is GGO Architects?

GGO Architects is a highly acclaimed private architectural practice in Dallas, Texas dedicated to excellence in design and sensitivity to place and the environment. With a unique combination of general planning and design experience, we have the ability to evaluate, comprehend and skillfully design each project as one of a kind. Our responsibility to each client respects this individuality of commitment. The generality of practice builds depth and strength into our work; clarity and curiosity into our craft. Environmental responsiveness, sustainability and affordability are representative of all of our work. GGOArchitects simply can’t design a project from any other perspective.

Our firm was the first green practice to open in Dallas, focusing on green buildings that incorporate energy efficiency, passive solar techniques, natural day lighting, non-toxic materials, advanced building science and enhanced indoor air quality. We have since completed more than 300 projects including residential, commercial, institutional and museum work throughout the United States. Our portfolio ranges from historic preservation/restoration, restaurants, retail stores, industrial, corporate, public and commercial structures, environmental learning centers, educational facilities, medical offices and private residences to regional shopping mall expansions, renovations and new centers.

GGO Architects continues to be recognized as a leading sustainability-focused firm and has been recognized with 7 design awards, 3 energy value housing awards, multiple green building awards and honors.


Sustainable Leadership Award, GreenSource DFW / Memnosyne Institute 

Outstanding Individual, Clean Air Through Energy Efficiency (CATEE)

Selected for AIA Dallas Best Firms "Under the Radar" Exhibit for Dallas & AIA National Conference 

Green Ribbon Award - LEED Project of the Year - USGBC North TX (Plano Environmental Education Center)

EVHA Hot / Humid Climate Gold Award & VESTA Award (Heather’s Home)
EVHA Hot / Humid Climate Silver Award (Olp Residence)
NCTCOG CLIDE Award (Plano Environmental Education Center)
Featured in AIA Dallas 2011 Tour of Homes

Public Speaking & Writing

Mr. Olp regularly speaks on the topics of sustainable design and environmental stewardship.

Listed are a few representative speaking engagements and articles

"How High Performance Green Buildings Influence the Economy of Cities" - DCCCD Sustainability Summit, March 2013

"Connected-Ready Home Design" - CIE Fall Technical Symposium, August 2012

"Plano Environmental Education Center: A City's Symbol for Sustainability" - Blog, July 2012

"Sustainability + Me: The Built Environment" - Net Impact Dallas / KERA, October 2011

"Urban Wilderness: The Surprising Link Between Nature and Prosperity" - Dallas Sierra Club Meeting, June 2012

“Measurable Benefits of an Environmental Design Approach” - Texas Association of Community Colleges, Sept. 2009

“Cost Efficient vs ECO Efficient Building Design” - Dallas Sierra Club, 2000 – 2005 • North Texas Home Builders Association, Multiple Chapters, 2004 – 2005

Environmental Architect

Gary Gene Olp directs a successful environmentally focused private architectural practice in Dallas, Texas. It is a general practice established in 1987 to effect a fundamental change in the application of the craft of Architecture based on an understanding of environmental stewardship. His efforts reflect an enterprising approach to energy efficiency, passive solar techniques, natural day lighting, enhanced fresh air systems with an emphasis on reducing construction waste and the use of natural, non-toxic building materials.

His firm has secured the USGBC LEED Platinum certification for the Plano Environmental Education Center, LEED Silver LEED certification for the McCommas Bluff Eco-Training Center, Gold level certification for the City of Dallas Northwest Service Center, Silver for the City of Dallas Hampton-Illinois Library, Gold for the new Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce building, Gold for Dallas Logistics Hub, and Silver for ADESA at Dallas Logistics Hub. 

Two of his residential buildings have also received significant achievement awards: Heather's Home was awarded the IBO's EVHA Gold Award, Custom Category for Hot Humid Climate, in addition to being the first USGBC LEED Platinum certified home in Texas, third in the nation, and was also granted the American Lung Association Health House award. Mr. Olp's own home was awarded IBO's EVHA Silver Award, Custom Category for Hot Humid Climate in 2005. All of his residential designs meet the Energy Star standard.

Mr. Olp’s civic involvement in the City of Dallas reflects his commitment to a broader vision as a practicing professional. He has served as a board member on various cultural, educational and civic boards, committees and task forces, including the non-profit Sustainable Dallas organization. Mr. Olp is actively involved with the Boy Scouts of America and is one of the originators and Co-Chairs of the Committee on the Environment, Dallas Chapter AIA. He is Immediate Past Chairman for the board of the North Texas Chapter of the USGBC and currently serves the national USGBC on the South Central Regional Council and Chapter Steering Committee.