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Dallas Home Design: First Annual Green Design Issue

Dallas Home Design: First Annual Green Design Issue Photo 01

Sustainable by Design

Everything's coming up green for dallas architect Gary Gene Olp, who combines environmental responsibility with good design.

When architect Gary Gene Olp, AIA, moved to Dallas in 1981, his head was brimming with environmentally friendly notions of sustainable design. But the concepts of energy conservation and green building weren't exactly ideas whose time had come to Texas. With memories of the energy crisis of the '70s fading, and in a town where oil was very much king, Olp found that selling clients on the possibilities required a "backdoor environmentalist" approach. In response, he learned to pitch his ideas as cost-effective solutions, without mentioning the environmental upside. By the time he established his own practice, GGO Architects, in 1987, he was ready to make sustainability his calling card.

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