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Dallas Luxury Interiors: Godfather of Green

Dallas Luxury Interiors: Godfather of Green Photo 01

By now, most of us have at least a vaguely-formed understanding of sustainable design, popularly known as “green building.” But even a short visit with Dallas architect Gary Olp is a mind-expander on the concept’s tenets. “The standard definition of sustainable design is ‘to meet the current needs of our society and culture without compromising the quality of life or needs of future generations,’” Olp explains. “But one of the definitions I like best was expressed by a native person, and it’s known as the philosophy of the seventh generation: Every action we take today, everything we do, everything we harvest from the earth, every aspect of our lives, will affect the seventh generation from now—a generation we will never know, that will never know us.”


Dallas Luxury Interiors Spring 2008 

Olp Residence