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Proud Green Home: Dallas home going for LEED Platinum

Proud Green Home: Dallas home going for LEED Platinum Photo 01

A recently constructed contemporary-style Dallas home is going for LEED Platinum certification.

The 3,500-square-foot home was designed by Gary Gene Olp, founder and principal of GGO Architects in Dallas. It features three bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms and the new home cuts utility bills in half, with the July bill only $178, which is affordable in the midst of Dallas' summer heat.

There is outdoor living space, with a breezeway connecting to a private garden, with a linear pool. The home is energy efficient through passive solar design, coupled with a highly efficient Daiken HVAC system, smart controls and LED lighting. A small rainwater harvesting system to augment the xeriscape landscape design is tucked away in the garden. Exterior detailing features dimensional Lueder's limestone, metal cladding and a standing seam roof for exceptional durability.


Proud Green Home 8/16/11 

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