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Texas Architect: Green Building Special Section

Texas Architect: Green Building Special Section Photo 01

It's Good to be Green

I have realized only recently that the approach I have applied to create and craft spaces for work and play since I began my professional practice has a label. It is what is now referred to as sustainability. Oddly enough, the same label could also be applied to the work of many prominent artisans that have preceded us. There is a conceptually scant difference between Wright's organic method and sustainability, except for concern for resource reduction and the need to relieve the impact construction activity has on the planet. Twenty-two years ago, Buckminister Fuller asked me after a lecture, "How much do your buildings weigh?" It seemed like a strange question because it didnt' seem to make an difference. In retrospect, he was acutely aware of the amount of the amount of material he used in his unique structures, never using more than necessary to engineer and create magnificent interior space...

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